Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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Your growing belly marks such an incredible time in your life. Documenting your pregnancy is one of the best decisions you can make not only for yourself, but also for future generations!! If you’re looking for fresh maternity photoshoot ideas to capture these special moments of your pregnancy, look no further!

This article is packed with many creative indoor and outdoor pregnancy photography ideas that will help you create beautiful images you’ll treasure forever. Let’s dive in and explore some delightful poses, locations, props, and themes that can capitalize your beauty.  

At-Home Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Yes, I know I live in Hawaii and maybe you do too. But stay with me a moment! Sometimes the best environment to capture your maternity photos is at the very space you’ll be welcoming your sweet babe to: home. Here’s how to transform your home into an absolute incredible location.

Use Your Space to tell Your Story

maternity photoshoot at home, hawaii

Your home, the space you work so hard to curate for your family, is worthy of being captured. I’m a mama of four and I know how easily the house can get messy. I get it, and I know it sometimes feels like the last place you want to take photos in. However, even now, think about the sacred spaces in your home: where do you like to drink your morning cup of coffee? Where is the best snuggle spot in the house? Who makes the meals and how can we capture that space creatively to show future generations what life was like when you were expecting?

I’m not a huge prop person for prop sake – but your favorite mug, a haku of your favorite flowers, the best seat in the house by a window and some plants, art on your walls – they all make incredible accents to your already beautiful self.

Your Bedroom

maternity photoshoot, oahu

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, (even if you find it as hard as I do to keep clean sometimes) and can be a great space to showcase your beauty in a place of rest and comfort. It gives a sense of intimacy and authenticity, making your photos unique and personal to you.

Whether on the bed in soft lighting or sitting by the window, capture whatever brings you comfort and joy in this season. Different angles, such as overhead shots or close-ups of belly details adds creativity and variety to a simple location.

Plants, curtains, candles, and blankets all make for easy and creative props that are unique to you and your home. Choose clothes that you feel beautiful wearing and make sense in your bedroom.

Silhouette Photos

Silhouette maternity shoot

I Love a great silhouette!! The simplicity of a silhouette amplifies the beauty of pregnancy, creating powerful and emotional images. They emphasize the curvy shape of expecting mothers, making them perfect for showcasing your growing baby bump.

Windows and lamps and room for your belly are all we need to create a fabulous silhouette photo. If you’re hoping for some of these images, make sure to let me know ahead of time so I can ensure we have proper lighting. 

Silhouette photos are also great at sunrise or sunset, so keep that in mind!

What to Wear

what to wear on maternity photoshoot oahu

I can’t offer ideas for a maternity session without including outfit options!! Before selecting an outfit, consider the location, the vibe you’re going for, and your comfort. An at-home shoot is typically casual (with the option for intimate attire as well if you like). Jeans and your favorite top, or a form fitting casual dress are great options for at home. 

If we head to the beach, flowy or form fitting both work, depending on your preference. I do recommend bringing a bathing suit along with you!

The most important factor when choosing what to wear is to make sure you feel beautiful in your clothes. If you don’t love what you’re wearing, you won’t love the photos. 

Studio Maternity Photoshoot 

silhouette maternity photoshoot oahu

I have a variety of Ultraviolet backdrops and the ability to photograph in a studio, so if the studio look is more what you’re hoping for, I’ve got you covered! Studio maternity portraits are intimate, unique to you, and a great way to simply showcase your pregnancy.

Studio shoots offer multiple options for backdrops, and therefore, multiple clothing options as well! Capture movement and elegance in a gown, your form and shape in a form fitting dress, and your personality in your absolute favorite outfit!


Yup. Pregnancy can be incredibly beautiful and sensual. Let’s capture those curves and celebrate femininity in a beautiful and tasteful way. 

Choose lingerie or fabrics that highlight your curves and make you feel confident. Oh – and let go of any self-consciousness and allow yourself to enjoy this empowering experience fully.

On Location in Hawaii

hawaii maternity photoshoot ideas

If I haven’t sold you on shooting in your home or in a studio, Hawaii is stunning in its own right and does a great job of showcasing your pregnancy. 

Sea cliffs with sea spray, on sandy beaches in front of crashing waves, or picnicking at sunrise at your favorite beach are all incredible options for maternity photos. Island aesthetics varies, so think about if you’re a white sands and palm trees or sea cliffs and sea spray type of person and we’ll go from there. If you like them both, I know of some locations super close to each other where we can quick drive a few minutes for both scenes.

I get super excited to document growing families and expectant mamas. As a mama to four, I know how incredibly important this season is. Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can collaborate together to best tell your maternity story.

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